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My hints & tips are intended to help you get the best from your computer.

They are based mainly around Windows 7 to 10 but many of them are independent of operating system. We have a Windows 10 desktop and a small Win 10 laptop plus Android tablets and phones. All interact pretty well, with email via a shared gmail account (which feeds contact and calendar details to all the devices), Chrome bookmarks which propagate automatically, Dropbox Pro for file synchronisation and OneNote for notes.

Each section of my hints is in the form of a print friendly web page.

Windows 10 Loving Windows 10 - the best yet

Files & folders
Files & folders - copying & moving files, organising folders

Backups - image from Wikimedia Backups - just how upset would you be to lose all your digital photos?

Security - image from Wikimedia
Security - staying safe on the internet

Email Email - keeping in touch

Browsing the internet - a window on the world

Photos Photos - choosing a camera, taking good photos and processing them

Music - image from Wikimedia
Music - ripping CDs, internet radio etc

WP Word processing - how to make your documents look more interesting

Spreadsheets Spreadsheets - getting in control of the numbers and storing your data

Charts & diagrams
Charts & diagrams

Sharing - image from Wikimedia Sharing an internet connection - and printers and folders

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