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Here are some links to websites I have found interesting or useful. Updated Jan 2017.

Maps and journey planners

Bing - Microsoft's mapping service
Streetmap - the one I used to use for UK postcode searches
Google maps - my default, for places, routes and live traffic
Google Earth - wonderful for flying anywhere
Highways Agency traffic info and maps
Mappy - good European route planning
Via Michelin - good European route planning plus lovely maps

Skyscanner - superb window on European flights, incl. RyanAir & EasyJet
Momondo - useful for long haul route options, eg how to get from London to the Utah and Arizona national parks? It has filters for airlines and stops plus a very useful bar display of daily prices. But it doesn't show aircraft types, a big defect.
Kayak - a great way to search for flights worldwide. Excellent filters, eg max. stopover wait. Date flexibility and aircraft types too.

News (incl. technology sources)

BBC - the best overall?
The Guardian - a superb newspaper
Popurls - an aggregation of news, videos etc from lots of sources
Reuters UK - they still have correspondants all over the world
Wired - an eclectic mix
Information Week - a technical news source