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Cathja website
This site went live in Dec 2018. It's for a very worthwhile mental health charity (so no charge) and replaced their old site which hadn't been updated for some time after someone moved on.

Sport MR website
This site has bold page layouts, with large images and bulk text sliding down from More/Less links. Radically redesigned after a soft launch, it took around 15 hours to complete this version.

Table Concepts website
This big site shows what a visually attractive website you can make if the owners supply such lovely images. Updated extensively over the years, it has a revolving image gallery on the home page plus viewer controlled galleries on seven other pages.

Jacqueline Huber's website
This site shows off a large collection of lovely paintings. It was completely redesigned in 2015, with much larger thumbnails on the gallery pages. Note the unique banner for each page.

GoGlobalinFrench website
This site was created in November 2017 and took around 15 hours to complete. It's unusual for my sites in having a contact form but at least it gives you a printable version of what you are sending.

Wendy Winfield's website
An elegant, simple site with lovely paintings and drawings that speak for themselves. The site was totally revamped, with lots of new works too, in late 2015.

TOA website
This charity in Twickenham were stuck with an out of date one page website so I did a nice new one for them, with a photo gallery and a news page with new items at the top, blog style. I update it regularly.

Wendy Edmonds' website
A rather gorgeous site with classy images. It took me around 10 hours to final draft stage and the owner was then delighted to be able to adjust things until it was exactly how she wanted it. Updated extensively April 2018.

Making Hypno Sense website
This site was created in March 2017 and took 10 hours plus amendments. All the photos are the owner's.

Angel's website
I started doing websites for our electrician back in 2013. When he pulled back from building projects theis became his main site, with the other two just having little re-direct pages which lead to this one.

antique lamps website
This regularly updated site has excellent navigation (eg with arrow keys on a PC or Mac) and stylesheet (css) layouts. I took and processed nearly all the photos - quite difficult without a proper studio setup.

Baudins of Busselton website
We stayed at this superb b and b whilst touring Western Australia. The new owners told us that all their guests said the place was much better than they expected from looking at the old website. So they commissioned me to do their new site when I got back to the UK. I updated it in October 2018, eg with live Tripadvisor widgets.

Jane Meredew's website
An almost edible site - did you ever see such yummy looking food? It's quite a big site, but only took ten hours to final draft stage. The learn and lunch gallery on the lessons page gives a good idea of how much fun it was. The site was extensively updated in late 2014.

Busselton pet boarding
This site, first published in 2015, has 3 different layouts for its 4 pages, all css controlled. It is very image rich and works very well on phones and tablets. It took me around 10 hours (incl. logo).

Cherry Baker's creative writing
Here's a nice little site I created in 2013 for my wife's creative writing. The layout's all controlled from the stylesheet and it's designed to be nicely readable on phones and tablets. It took me under 6 hours.

AndyElectrical website
Angel had three variants of his elctrical etc website so I simplified things by having simple redirect pages like this for two of them.

Field Services website
This site was a replacement for an out of date one that had been done in Flash. The new one will work on anything (eg iPhones) and has a nice little Event Archive gallery.

I started building, as opposed to designing, websites in 2008. I find it a very enjoyable blend of giving people what they want plus a lot of design and technical elements.

My basic philosophy is to make sites that look good, have clear navigation, present the content effectively and are above all sustainable. They're not the flashiest sites around but they are easy to amend so as to keep them up to date. If I were to disappear to an island in the Pacific anyone with reasonable web skills could pick up any of my sites and carry on developing it.

I do use use quite fancy image galleries (driven by javascript/css) but my websites mostly consist purely of a css style sheet file plus html web pages plus images (jpg, gif or png as appropriate). I avoid website generators that tie you in or pollute the site with ads. And I'm not involved with any database dependent sites, eg ones with shopping baskets. In 2012 I switched from using tables for page formatting to css layouts. It's hard to see the difference in a live website but the underlying code is a lot less cluttered and is much easier to maintain.

So my sites will run anywhere on the web at minimum cost. Some cost under thirty pounds a year for the domain name plus hosting.

I make sure all my images are from legitimate sources, eg my own or from Wikimedia, so there's no danger from those 'spiders' looking for copyrighted images. All the software I use to build, extend and upload sites is free other than Photoshop Elements and occasionally DrawPlus (both of which are cheap).

The one thing that may stop a site I've done working on just about any device (eg PC, laptop, Mac, netbook, iPad, smartphone) is that where there is any video it might be in Flash (flv) format, eg older ones hosted by flickr.

Above are links to my main creations (all the ones currently active), shown running in different browsers.

I always test in multiple browsers, especially Chrome and Firefox, and also test on phone and tablet.

I'm told I should include some testimonials. The sites I've done speak for themselves but here are a few:

"Many thanks for the swift and elegant work, as well as all the personal attention and support."

"I am so excited about our new website. I LOVE IT!"

"De website is echt heel mooi geworden!! Goed werk!"

"I am delighted with the website. I can't thank you enough for your help, responsiveness and positive and straightforward responses. It was hugely helpful that you scanned the slides! ... It helps me a great deal that your prices are so reasonable"

"Eric is the man. You ask incoherently for something rather like......... And the next minute there it is on the screen looking smart and impressive. And it works on all the browsers - which most don't."

"Great - what did we do without you!"

"On to the website - I am really happy with what you have done, it's so what I wanted but wasn't really sure how it was going to look - thankyou so much for interpreting my 'muddled thoughts/brain' into something just so perfect (almost)"

"Wendy, it's fabulous! Works really well (navigation round the site), stunning pics, minimal text (no mistakes, honest it's perfect!) and simply, clearly arranged. Shows off your work beautifully. Very professional."

"The web site looks great. Thank you very much for doing it so fast and making such a good job of it."

"Many thanks for your support and the excellent website. I have no doubt, that without the new website, we would not have impressed the pharmacy chain enough to trust us with the shop." (TAO, a charity site I do for free)

Eric I love it and I thank you big time.. I have wanted this for years..what a find you are...xxxxxx AND the good news is that the main reason for getting the web site was to impress and it has and we have been offered the job we really wanted...So more than big thanks.

"Thank you for the beautiful website" (GoGlobal in French, Nov 2017)

"You've done a brilliant job on on the website, for a very generous (on your side!) fee. I'll also make a donation to the mental health charity that you support" (Career Catalyst, 2018)

With several of them I never even met the owner of the site - it was all done over the phone and via email. And everybody's surprised how little it costs to get a nice site up and running (and then keep it up to date). As it's sort of a hobby business I only charge £20ph and I'm very fast.