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Reflected 747 Snorkelling Sunset Khao Lak Kalbarri Perfumed River Dahabiya
Eric Baker in Venice 2012 I maintain this web site for fun and as part of my little business, helping people with websites, digital photography, technology etc.

I update the site regularly, especially the guides and hints, and am proud that I make not a cent from it - there are no ads, no cookies, no tracking, just information.

Three of my passions are travel, photography and technology. You'll see from the content of this site that these have led me to develop and make freely available all sorts of technology and photo related guides. They're mostly found on the Photo resources and Hints & tips pages and there's also my guide to choosing a laptop, tablet, smartphone etc. My newest guide is all about choosing comfortable long haul aircraft seating.

A favourite pastime of mine is helping people who want a website. It's really enjoyable coming up with a good design then building and publishing a site.