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For an extensive collection of my images see That has everything from holiday and family snaps to more artistic images.

Gallery of images Above is a javascripted image gallery. It responds to keyboard arrow keys, on Macs as well as PCs. And the left/right mouse arrow next/previous areas stay in the same place as you click along - unlike with many image galleries. The captions are optional and their display speed is easy to vary.

The gallery works fine across Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera and is fine on iOS and Android too. If it doesn't look like the thumbnail to the right then you must be viewing it via something with javascript disabled. That's pretty rare nowadays. The slideshow option works well too. It even centres the current image in the film strip.

I've started the gallery right up the top of the screen because the ultra wide/shallow screens on modern laptops and netbooks are good for the occasional movie but rubbish for showing photos - they show landscape ones ridiculously bigger than portrait ones. The gallery above is less mean to portrait images.

Here's something different - video is always a problem on websites but I've found that if you link to one hosted on it works beautifully (although you might still need Flash). Here are our grandchildren a while back: