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Antelope Canyon, Arizona

My Pentax K50

Grand piano
I'm a mad keen amateur photographer. I've had my photos published on magazine covers, in online travel guides and in a scholarly work about the origins of the bible. I also won a top twenty award for one of my photos of the Henry Moore sculptures in Kew Gardens.

But mostly I just take photos for fun and as an aide memoire. If they look good too that's even better. Often I just have a little camera with me - but even then I use aperture priority mode. It's only when taking passport photos for family and friends that I resort to shooting in RAW mode (which gives more control over colours and lighting).

I've produced some guides to help people with photography:

And here are some interesting web resources:
  • DP Review - a good range of camera reviews and loads of user reviews
  • Trusted reviews - excellent camera reviews, including the one that persuaded me to get a Pentax SLR rather than the usual Nikon or Canon. It was the in-camera stabilisation and low light performance that swung it.
  • Review Lab - a US review site with some interesting photography links
  • Best Reviews - an interesting collection of photography tips.
  • Imaging Resource - camera reviews
  • Steve's Digicams - detailed reviews
  • My Flickr photos - holiday snaps, landscapes, round London etc. As at May 2019 I'd had 1,880,000 views of my flickr photos, with a shot of a Khao Lak beach in Thailand the surprise favourite, followed by some giraffes in Kenya then one of my wife sunbathing. Check out flickr in general too
  • Pixave is a company that offers what sounds like a personal scanning service. They contacted me asking for a link but note that I do not get even 0.0000001p if you click on a link from my site - do your own research!


Now for something different. I got some royalty free music clips from A-M Classical and uploaded them to my site in mp3 and ogg formats. They should play fine if your browser is modern enough to do HTML5. It's fine on phones and tablets. The mini player for each track looks a bit different in each browser.

Here's Beethoven's Fur Elise:

And Chopin's Prelude in C:

Finally Mozart's Piano sonata K545:

You can play and stop any of the tracks on demand (and even play all three at once if you want).